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Angels Game 57/162, Interleague Game 4/18, Road Trip from Hell Game 7/12


Angels at Braves ... Lackey V. Smoltz ... 4:30ish on the Kaycow

Big John faces, well, Big John. I'm hoping the Braves offfense makes our starters appear to be Cy Young candidates. If the offense bashes the ball like they did in Fenway, this could be an enjoyable three games.

My Runs/Hits Pix: LAA: 5-11, the ATL 2-7

I have forgiven Jesus
for all of the love he placed in me
when there is no one I can turn to with this love

Five correct guesses ont eh Braves scoring two runs, but nobody touched the Angels 4 runs and hit guesses were horseshoes and hand grenades.
Picking the deuce for the ATL: Myself (the Rev) Sean, Chompo, Scareduck and the debut of Pearlygates in the daily RH guess