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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 2005 Amateur Player Draft Picks

Angels' Draft Order:
Post-First Round, 37th pick: RHP Trevor Bell
Born the day of the Donnie Moore Game (10-12-86)
That'll put a chill up your fucking spine, eh?
Seeing as he is a high school product, chances are the Little Libra won't be in Anaheim anytime soon.

2nd Round (58th Pick): Switch hitting SS Ryan Mount
Born the day of the Dick Schofield Comeback Game (Well, at least within like a week of it), August 17 1986

2nd Round (71st Pick): SS Patrick Phillips
Born the day the Angels clinched the A.L. West (9-23-86), just to make me feel old and biologically useless. I gotta go to breakfast at IHOP, it is senior citizen special day...

3rd Round (#103): RHP Sean O'Sullivan
No this is not the IRA's draft, it is a high-risk high school prom, though, this kid is the youngest Angel of record - September 1st, 1987. Personally, I don't even recall the year 1987, so this player and i have lots in common, I like him already.

4th Round (#133): LHP Brian Matusz
Another highschool pitcher. It is like the Angels have read Moneyball and are like the boyfriends in Barnes and Noble clicking their tongues as their girlfriends peruse astrology books, grumbling "There is NO way this stuff is true, i am gonna PROVE IT to you!" At least this kid went to a Catholic school so you know he will be able to read his contract.

Good News: John Sickels at Minor League Ball calls Matusz a great high-ceiling High School Pitcher.

NOTE: The A's took three high school pitchers on consecutive picks (3rd pick - 5th pick), so they are abandoning the ship as well, while the Bill James-guided Redstockings use their 5th and 7th picks on high school arms.

5th Round (#163): RHP Thomas Mendoza
Where were you on August 18, 1987?
Were you above the Mendoza line?

6th Round (#193): CF Jeremy Moore
From a high school in Louisiana, but why make a joke at the expense of rural education outposts? Perhaps Jeremy will surprise us with a treatise on nuclear physics written in the meter of a Shakespearean sonnett. I'll settle for a glove, range and the ability to occasionally hit the curveball.

7th Round (#223): Robert Romero
This is a veritable Senior Citizen, hobbling out from Grayson County College in Bumfuq, Texas. Robert was born in March of 1985, making him the only Angels draftee so far who will be eligible to have a beer on opening day next season - but not during Spring Training.

8th Round (#253): Mathew Hall
Hey look, it is another High School shortstop - it is like they have a secret plan or something - or like they have no plan to save their asses under any circumstances! But there is nothing cooler than being a MAT with one T, believe you me!

9th Round (#283): Robert Mosebach
A Right Handed Pitcher from Hillsborough Community College in Swamphole, Florida, he will be able to crack a brewski duuring the heat of September's pennant race - the Angels strategy of drafting palyers before they are legally eligible to be alchoholics could pay off, especially if the team converts to Mormonism or Arte wants to skimp on Betty Ford bills.