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Black Sox Redux - one man's analysis and conclusion...

You know, after watching the last three games, I am dumbfounded.

This Mariners squad is an awesome assemblage of pitching and hitting.

The only explanation that my brain can grasp when I consider their W/L record is that they - in my opinion - could be throwing games as part of an elaborate gambling scheme. They should easily have 60 wins. It would be hard to imagine which players are in on it and which players don't have a clue that it is going on, but I do not watch this 21st Century Murderers Row every day - I am sure their faithful followers see the same patterns of sudden incompetence at the hands of these obvious baseball masters.

If my imagination is accurate, what a dispappointment that such a quality squad could care more about the underworld's well-being than the happiness of their sensitive fan base. What a shame.