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So yeah, the trolls got to me...

I snapped at one point this weekend as a couple of Tacoma Trolls came over to the site and taunted me. I let them have it with the invective and they managed to really push my buttons.

Well, then they turned me into my SportsBlogs bosses for being nasty (which, by the way, is not covered in my contract). Jut prior to that, cephyn scolded me for sinking to their level, and I deleted the posts - which were really writen under duress on my part - and the Mariner fans called me a McCarthy for doing this.

They talk shit about Disney and the Rally Monkey, but the minute I mention Microsoft or Starbucks or the 99% white fanbase up in Pastytown, they are tattling on me to the boss.

One of my role models, Mat Gleason, told me about the dark underbelly of Seattle based on his personal experiences there. He was giving a talk at the Seattle Museum of Art and he wanted to differentiate between art that a museum should hold onto and art that was bullshit - so he postulated that museums exist to keep "housewife art" out of history.

Well, sure enough, during the question and answer session after his lecture, some Seattle woman gets up and rages at him for using the term housewife as negative. She goes on and on. Mat told me that most people from Seattle are constantly telling others what they can and cannot say - what the proper inoffensive term for everything is - they enforce politeness ruthlessly.

He was right.