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Kendry Morales and Brandon Wood

Angels minor leaguers Kendry Morales and Brandon Wood each had a hit in the Futures Game on Sunday. I threw the frickin remote when they had Ladies Golf on instead of it, so I didn't watch any of it.

Morales had a double and a deep fly out, Wood had an infield single based on a close call.

The remote still works, no word on who won the goddamn golf game, probably some loser from Seattle who is suddenly enjoying the limelight and gloating like she's the shizzy when she wouldn't rate in the So-Cal hoochie hundred.

Rev's Take:
Let's trade Brandon Wood while his trade value is high. C'mon, Tod Helton for Wood and Steve Finley, move Ersty back to center, you with me or are you happpy with your one damn World Series ring?