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Angels in the All Star Game

I recall so many years where we wouldn't have anyone but Mike Witt or Bryan Harvey at the game and they would never get in, so it was nice for the Angels to have a presence in the contest.

Bartolo pitched a good quick inning although he made an error throwing to 1B - Erstad's glove spoils everyone else in our infield.

Vlad and Garret got a lot of time at the plate and on the field butt didn't do anything stellar.

The highlights for me were seeing Santana and Nathan struggling, seeing as we meet up with the Twins for four games on Thursday. Ichiro getting picked off First Base was pleasant as well. Too bad Kenny Rogers didn't punch something after getting mini-shelled. Kevin Kennedy would have sufficed.

Telecaster Joe Buck was offensive in his refusal to talk about anything outside of his own opinions. I never thought making McCarver a non-factor would be a negative.