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Last thoughts on that asskicking we took this weekend...

I still say the team's lowest moment this season was not being swept by Bavasi's lastplace circus, but rather June 15: losing the 3rd game of the series to the Nationals - you recall, the one where the Angels had the bases loaded, nobody out, down 1-0 in the bottom of the 9th and they failed to score. If you need me to refresh your memory any more I will have to break out the slipping pills and scotch mixture I was contemplating when I made it home that night.

This Mariners series was our first series loss since then - just a few days shy of a month. The last three weekends have been sweeps - we swept the Dodgers and Royals and then were swept by Team Frapuccino. So we are 6-4 with 2 Thursdays off in the past three weekends.

If someone told you 5 games up at the break over the Rangers, 7 and a half over Oakland, you know you would have taken it - okay, some of us would have just muttered ...not enough... but it is a good thing. The Ides of June proved we have a lot of bounce back in us.