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Serious Baseball Metrics used here...

Angels First Half Performances if they had been Beatles songs

Starting Pitchers
36 Paul Byrd
Happiness is a Warm Gun -Totally weird and out of synch at first, but after a little while you realize it is a masterpiece.

40 Bartolo Colon
Back in the USSR -You didn't want to listen to the Beach Boys but you can't deny you like what you hear.

41 John Lackey
I am the Walrus -I totally dig it, but if you ever figure this out, let me know.

54 Ervin Santana
Rocky Racoon -I suppose the kids like it, but it borders on parody.

56 Jarrod Washburn
Eight Days a Week -At first you wonder how it made it onto the greatest hits album; soon you are excited whenever it starts.

Relief Pitchers
53 Brendan Donnelly
The Ballad of John and Yoko -A likable epic that some people find offensive.

63 Kevin Gregg
Obla Di Obla Da -You like it at first, then you can't even stand the name.

58 Joel Peralta
She Love You Yeh Yeh Yeh -At first it rocks and then after a few times it kind of sucks.

57 Francisco Rodriguez
A Day in the Life -Epic and chaotic and final.

62 Scot Shields
Day Tripper -As reliable a hit as there is.

59 Esteban Yan
The Long and Winding Road -A little bombast amidst the calm, but it basically sucks.

Position Players
16 Garret Anderson
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds -Everyone has an opinion about what is going on here, they aren't all happy with it, but it is a deceptively simple classic.

55 Jeff DaVanon
When I'm 64 -You get suspicious of people who rave about this one.

17 Darin Erstad
Yer Blues -An old school masterpiece ten years after they closed the school.

9 Chone Figgins
We Can Work It Out -Whatever you need, this song works - you can play it a party, at a wedding, at your parents, while making out, etc.

27 Vladimir Guerrero
Yellow Submarine -The one everyone recognizes that gets everyone singing along.

6 Maicer Izturis
Ticket to Ride -Not your first choice, but you never mind listening to it again and again.

1 Bengie Molina
Come Together -It drags a little, then rocks.

28 Jose Molina
I've Just Seen a Face -Doesn't last long enough to ruin anything.

8 Josh Paul
Revolution 9 -Why the hell is this on the album?

2 Adam Kennedy
Get Back -Guaranteed groove.

19 Curtis Pride
Here Comes the Sun -A sweet story, but ultimately wimpy.

20 Juan Rivera
You Won't See Me -A forgotten B-Side that would have been any other band's most legendary pop hit.

15 Day Disabled List
18 Orlando Cabrera
Magical Mystery Tour -Lots of build-up, but does it really deliver?

45 Kelvim Escobar
Norwegian Wood -After waiting for the whole song for something to happen, nothing does.

12 Steve Finley
Let It Be -After all of the hype and attention it is so lame you cannot sit there and dig it after a few times.

23 Dallas McPherson
Helter Skelter -One violent swing that either rocks your world or kills you.