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Welcome Back Steve Finley

Holy sheepshit, the old man hit the ball as square as you can, made a fabulous lateral running catch in the Left Center gap that may have been the difference in a tight ballgame and was the antithesis of his first half self.

The Hegelian dialectic:

Thesis: Steve Finley sucks.
Antithesis: Finley is very good hitter and a great fielder.
Synthesis: We ride a healthy Finley to the postseason and Joe Maddon is managing the Cincinnatti Reds in 2006.

This was a great game - the Angels could have put it away early but Matt LeCroy was literally handed the ball from Garret's bat with the bases loaded, and he took a step and a half to double up the runner on first - so they got a lot of the breaks and bounces, but we cracked it to them and Shields-n-Frankie shut them down.