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Finley Rocks

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This here site was his biggest critic but results are what counts and Steve Finley made one of the great Angel catches of all time in the metrodome tonight - and it was the difference in a 3-2 game as it robbed the Twinkies of a homerun.

Steve's catch was the drama of '98 Edmonds, the skill of '85 Pettis and the range of '02 Erstad all rolled into one.

We are 7 games in front of the sputtering Rangers and 7.5 ahead of the hot-hot-hot Athletics.

Byrd was nails for most of his stint and then Lackey should have been taking notes of how to gut through a tough inning. Shields survived a leadoff walk courtesy of Brett Boone missing a sign and allowing Bengie ample clearance to throw out that BB before it could become a SB.

And Frankie was Blank Frank as Brian Eno would say.