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Finley Rocks

This here site was his biggest critic but results are what counts and Steve Finley made one of the great Angel catches of all time in the metrodome tonight - and it was the difference in a 3-2 game as it robbed the Twinkies of a homerun.

Steve's catch was the drama of '98 Edmonds, the skill of '85 Pettis and the range of '02 Erstad all rolled into one.

We are 7 games in front of the sputtering Rangers and 7.5 ahead of the hot-hot-hot Athletics.

Byrd was nails for most of his stint and then Lackey should have been taking notes of how to gut through a tough inning. Shields survived a leadoff walk courtesy of Brett Boone missing a sign and allowing Bengie ample clearance to throw out that BB before it could become a SB.

And Frankie was Blank Frank as Brian Eno would say.