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Good Lackey

Looks like Doctor Lackey didn't let Mister Hyde out of the cage today.

Slumping Vlad got a hit in the 9th innng and Orlando Cabrera calls for the ball to be thrown in to the dugout like it was his 3,000th hit or something. What a funny guy.

Hey, I am all down with Coors Brewing Company giving a bunch of money to Navidad en el Barrio for every Angel homerun, and I am okay with Steve Physioc announcing it during the game, but in the 9th inning of a one run game with Frankie on the mound, what in the hell are you thinking Steve? Did John Carpino make a sale? Did Dennis Kuhl get a free case of Coors lite?

What in the hell is here to be gained by killing the perfect drama of the situation with a promo that you have already ran earlier in the game where it fit? All your client and their charity receive is the scorn and resentment of people watching the game. Get it? Did Arizona State not require basic psychology as a General Ed requirement for these dudes? The triumph of tinkertot education trickles up.