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Athletics Nation interviews Halo's Heaven

To mark the important three game series between the Angels and Athletics, my SBNation colleagues at Athletics Nation sent down five questions, and I sent five up to them.

This is them asking about us:

1. How does the fan base feel about the new team name?
There is a vocal minority who are passionately against it, if we were ten games out it would be a majority. 3 million people walk through the gates, maybe three thousand are wearing the "we are not L.A." gear. Most Angel fans cue Al Davis: Just win, baby.

2. You have a time machine and you go back to the beginning of 2005. What one thing do you tell Stoneman to do or not do?
Have Kelvim Escobar's aching elbow checked out more thoroughly and disallow Francisco Rodriguez to play in the Venezuelan Winter League.

3. What specific thing about your team are you most worried about, going down the stretch?
We have no DH. We haven't had one all season and it is like having an alcoholic in the family - we are just beginning to admit that there may be a little problem here.

4. Does Mike Scioscia ever embarrass you, or do you feel like he's just trying to give his team every advantage?
Never. Mike can do no wrong. Mike's following among Angel fans is more secure than the Pope's among Catholics. They'll fire Vlad before they fire Mike.

5. Both teams are powerful now and well known to be deep in both double and triple A ball. What does your 2007/2008 team look like? How does it stack up against Nick Swisher/Dan Johnson/Kurt Suzuki/Dan Meyer and the A's other top prospects?
We've got arms in Jered Weaver and Chris Bootcheck, an embarrassment of riches in our glut of middle infielders (Wood, Aybar, Kendrick, Callaspo) a future Pudge in Jeff Mathis, we'll be in the thick of the AL West for seasons to come.

Actually on their site, they asked the readers to send in questions - it was shocking how many people raged about the futile inadequacy of Rex Hudler and Steve Physioc. Folks, I couldn't agree with you more. And one question about the Angel player with the best ass was referred to Mrs. Halofan and she assures you Oakland chicks (and ass men) that Garret Anderson's fine behind has droolworthy competition with Maicer Izturis' bubble-butt.