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Sweet Victory

When you beat the Oakland Athletics with stolen bases and making them pay for intentionally walking a .227 hitter, you've earned your damn victory, now go enjoy it.

The energy at the stadium was electric - they were watching the baseball, not the beach ball tonight. I think the midweek games attract more baseball fans, while weekend games are magnets for the beerdrinkin' luzahs and their visitation offspring.

Kirk Saarloos pitched far better than I thought he would, but the A's seemed distracted by the defense-pressuring risks of gamblin' Scioscia and his let-god-sort-em-out basepath strategy. As flat as our bats have been, we made some sloppy singles count for something tonight.

Ervin Magic recorded another track for Santana's greatest hits tonght. This All Star break sure rested up the Starting Arms quite well.