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Final Score in Anaheim, Angels 6 Media Darlings 3

The Angels had one of those "everyone chips-in games" tonight. Every starter but Vlad had a hit, the bullpen trio of BD/SS/FKR shut the Spankees down and Lackey got the W by avoiding the big inning - although two 30+ pitch innings wore him down and almost out.

The funny highlight was Adam Kennedy's single to right driving in Bengie and Jose Molina. I wonder how many times that has happened in baseball history - one hit driving in two brothers. A rare Chone Figgins RBI also occurred.

A good game, very long, especially proportionate to the games being played earlier this week against the A's, this one was almost an hour longer than those - the Yankees foul off a lot of pitches and walk a lot. This prolonging of innings is the only thing I can see as a difference.