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Jeremy Berg Zips Through Lower Minors: Top Angels Prospect Performances, #11-#13

13) Gabe DeHoyos - RHRP, AAA

5 wins, 1 loss, 1 save. 82.1 IP, 72 hits, 3.06 ERA, 80 K/33 BB. +18 runs saved, 2.98 WAR

Over the course of the season, the Bees started seventeen pitchers, a franchise record, due to trades, injuries and promotions.  By season's end, the rotation was in shambles.  While DeHoyos never assumed a starting role, he contributed enormous value in long relief, effectively absorbing 80+ middle innings in one of the most unfriendly pitching environments in baseball. The Halos will likely find themselves similarly thin on pitching in AAA again, so should be eager to resign DeHoyos and another couple of guys with his profile.

12) Jeremy Berg, 7/17/86 - RHRP, Single A, High A, AA

2 wins, 0 losses, 5 saves. 65.2 IP, 48 hits, 1.37 ERA, 73 K/11 BB. +21 runs saved, 3.00 WAR

The 24-year old Berg zipped through the system, making two A-Ball stops and finishing strong at AA. I somehow missed seeing him pitch when I was in Cedar Rapids in April, and have yet to come across a detailed scouting report on his stuff, so I don't have much of an opinion on him one way or another.  That said, it's hard to argue with his results in the lower minors: he has been an out machine through 92 professional innings, compiling a 1.37 ERA and a 9.48 K/9 IP ratio. 

11)  Paul McAnulty, 2/24/81 - 1B/OF/DH, AA, AAA

.312/.385/.541 with 24 HR. +29 bat, -5 glove, 3.04 WAR

The Halos signed McAnulty to be a big, polished bat for the punch-less Travelers, but he outperformed those expectations and earned himself a brief cup of coffee with the big league club.  He absolutely crushed AA pitching, hitting .331/.426/.649 and giving the Travs a lonely bright spot in the lineup (before Moore's second half surge). He was good but not outstanding in AAA, hitting .302/.361/.484 and filling in at first and third base, where he was just barely adequate defensively (-4.3 and -2.8 runs with the glove respectively).  I doubt he returns to the Halos, but he did good work for the organization in 2010 and I imagine he lands a minor league deal with another club in 2011.