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Mike Trout Batting .600 in Pan-Am Games

Top Angels prospect Mike Trout is batting .600 in the Pan American Games after singling in the second inning off of Dominican Republic starting pitcher Bartolo Colon, the former Angel pitcher and 2005 AL Cy Young Award winner. Trout scored the first run of the night later in that inning, starting the scoring in the 8-3 victory.

Check out the GAME RECAP at Trout has 10 total bases in the tournament, which moves on to round two. The USA squad went undefeated in the four games of Round 1. At 19 years old, the 25th pick in the 2009 MLB draft is the youngest player on the USA roster.

And if Big Bartolo does not give you painful memories (save his '05 regular season and the second half of his 2004 campaign), consider the reception his familiar replacement received upon taking the mound, courtesy of google translate:

Tras la carrera, Colón fue relevado por Héctor Carrasco, quien fue recibido por una coro de batacazos de sus compañeros.

After the race, Colon was replaced by Hector Carrasco, who was greeted by a chorus of thud of their peers.

Here is the game's recap en español. Colon was the losing pitcher.