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Tyler Chatwood: Top Angels Prospect Performance #5

Chatwood letting it fly, July 4th, 2009
Chatwood letting it fly, July 4th, 2009

5) Tyler Chatwood, 12/16/89 - RHSP, High A, AA, AAA

13 wins, 9 losses.  155.1 IP, 152 hits, 2.84 ERA, 109 K/63 BB. +20 runs saved, 3.94 WAR

Chatwood began the season dominating California League hitters, posting an impressive 64% groundball percentage and 7.5 K's per nine with Rancho Cucamonga.   Those peripherals plummeted to a 52% groundball rate and 4.7 K's per nine in AA, though he did maintain a decent 3.82 ERA as one of the youngest players in the league. Basically, he's in the same situation that Trevor Reckling was a year ago: he proved everything there is to prove in A-Ball as a twenty-year old; but at the same time, he walked too many hitters while the rest of his peripherals sagged, pointing to some control issues that he needs to clean up in AA.  I think the Halos play it safe this year and keep Chatwood in Arkansas in 2011, where he can focus on commanding his very good heater, inducing empty swings with his big-bending curve, and improving his change-up.  My hope is that both Trevor Reckling and Garrett Richards join him in the safe confines of the Travs' cavernous home park, where the three can work out their respective issues and compete for the Angels "starter of the near future" mantle under similar conditions.  One of them will no doubt separate from the pack by the allstar break.