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Halos Heaven Community Prospect Rankings: Who's Number Six?

Here's what we have so far:

1) Mike Trout - Just the clear number one.

2) Peter Bourjos - Speed, athleticism and defense. Be patient with the bat.

3) Hank Conger - On track to be a solid all-around player and potential allstar at a premium position.

4) Trevor Reckling - Sure he hit a wall in AAA, but the guy's only been able to (legally) drown his sorrows for a couple of months and he's still competently getting AA hitters out.

5) Mark Trumbo - Chicks and Angels fans dig the long ball. Is his 2010 progress for real? The wisdom of crowds (and his K/BB ratio) say it is.

6) ???

So will it be the hotly debated Garrett Richards, owner of the deepest arsenal and some of the best raw stuff in the system? Or Tyler Chatwood, who's zippy fastball and hammer curve carved up High A and are doing the job in AA? Alexia Amarista, defensive whiz and little giant with the bat? Fabio Martinez Mesa, who could get major leaguers out right now with his overpowering fastball/slider combo, if he only knew where each pitch was going? Randal Grichuk? Jean Segura?