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Boston Red Sox Fans Now Being Served the Karma Due Super Chumps

The Boston Red Sox have lost 15 of their last 20 games and their once comfortable Wild Card lead stands at 2 games over the Tampa Bay Rays and 3.5 Games over the Angels.

Every last Massholio and Chowd-sucking pink hat fanboy is being gut-punched by fate at this very moment. All of the smug superiority of the Fenway faithful and their ignoble bastardizing of the concept of the underdog is turning into a vat of acid in which they are trapped and disintegrating - team and fans alike melting into the hot liquid of karmic burn.

What is one to do during a display of the awesome force of karma against the ugliest fan base on earth?

There is something one must NOT do. One must NOT sit back. Revel in it firsthand by taking action. Now is the time, the day, the hour to lash out. NOW is the time to twist the psychological knife of hopelessness and cackle while looking straight into their fat faces that have no control over the fates.

After the disgusting display of snotnosed sore-winner syndrome that we experienced as they took over our stadium earlier this season, nothing on earth would make this season the grandest one of the past nine for Angels fans to then cheer on our team's taking away of the assumed postseason berth of the Boston Red Sox from their nation without us even having to let one of their bloated tubs of goo through the turnstiles of our fair field for a contest to see who should play in October.

Here are some pain-inducing articles for you to reference and link to as you post gleeful smackdowns on the social media pages of every one of your redsack-loving friends boors. Time to cut and paste these stories and talk all the smack you can poetically manifest. Hey, they love that dirty water anyway...

Bedard Served Papers by Yanks Fan
Erik Bedard gets served papers in a child custody dispute just before he is slated to start last night's game. Dude serving the papers was a process server.

Red Sox Exude That Old-Time Sinking Feeling
At the close of August, the Red Sox were in first place and sailing. Then came 15 losses in 20 games.

Curt Schilling Doesn't Want the Red Sox to Make the Playoffs
A rant about Big Mouth.

Curt Schilling on Red Sox chances
BigMouth Strikes Again

David Ortiz feels bad for Manny Ramirez
Once a needle-sharing roider, always a needle-sharing roider sticking up for the other butt.

Manny Ramirez: Where Did it All Go Wrong?
British newser rips the dreaded chowd wife-beater a new one.

Ric Flair
Old School wrestling goon tried to wake the Red Sox from their slumber. Didn't. Woo!

Tito deflects A-Gon Shoulder Qs
Adrian is gone alright. And soon so will the puddle of clam chowder from the Wild Card standings.

ANGELS WIN OUT AND TAKE THE WILD CARD - Face Yanks and force Texas to play Detroit.