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Mike Trout Cycle in Angels Lore

Mike Trout joins a select group in hitting for the cycle with a Halo

Moondoggy Product Placement.
Moondoggy Product Placement.
Harry How

A hitter hitting for the cycle is about as rare as a pitcher tossing a no-hitter. Some franchises have been around a long time and only have a few cycles. The Braves have fewer cycles in their history than the Angels, but they have one in the nineteenth century, four in the twentieth century and one in the twenty-first century. The Nationals were once he Expos and combined the franchise has had eight cycles while the Padres, founded the same year, 1969, have none.

The Angels have had six players hit for the cycle, one man doing it twice. That was Jim Fregosi, in 1964 and 1968. If you were not around for those you had to wait until "Disco" Dan Ford did it in 1979. Dave Winfield did it next in 1991. I recall that one, his final hit was the triple and he walloped the ball over the CF's head somewhere out in Kansas City.

The legendary Jeff DaVanon did it at home in 2004 and Chone Figgins hit for the cycle in a loss to the Rangers in 2006.

On Tuesday night, Trout struck out looking in his first AB. What started out as his first three-hit game of the season became a four-hit game with that solo homerun in the bottom of the eighth. His single was an infield hit, a bang-bang play at 1B with Aaron Harang's foot sidling up to the base as Trout flew by. Trout then stole 2B and became only the fifth Angel ever with 5 RBI and a SB in a game!

Outside of the franchise marks, Mike became the fifth youngest player to hit for the cycle and the youngest ever in the American League. We all know he is a special player and deserved that MVP and now maybe the glimmer has returned and will propel the team a little higher toward our expectations!