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Rate The Mike Scioscia Blunders From Game 1

Our Man in Charge Has Managed Better In Almost Every Post Season Game...

What is the sound of one man clapping?
What is the sound of one man clapping?
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Well the Game One mistakes are piling up as we look at the game in bitter hindsight. Perhaps the poorest managing by Mike Scioscia in a postseason game... ever.

Which of these was the worst decision? Also, am I missing any?

EIGHTH INNING - With Chris Iannetta on 1B and nobody out, Kole Calhoun - our second best hitter this season - is asked to bunt. He never bunted all year. He is asked to bunt even when the count is 3-1.

EIGHTH INNING - Why wasn't Collin Cowgill pinch-running for Iannetta? Nuts.

PREGAME - Josh Hamilton in the lineup. Hindsight might be 20/20 but too many people called this one ahead of time. Hold him out and Tony Campana could have been pinch running for Iannetta with nobody out and the one-two-three hitters up.

ELEVENTH INNING - With ample bullpen choices, Scioscia brings in Fernando Salas despite a September that saw him flat peter out. The gas is gone on his pitches and the 85 MPH hanger to Moustakas is proof. Mike Morin, Cory Rasmus and even Jason Grilli were options.

I would like to believe that the Aybar bunts were reasonable choices considering the number of infield singles he has managed. So let's go with these four unless you have any more to add. Answer the poll here and feel free to elaborate in the comments...