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Unanimous! Mike Trout Named MVP of American League

They Finally Get it Right - UNANIMOUSLY ! ! !

Jeff Gross

Third time's a charm, baby. Michael Nelson Trout is the 2014 American League Most Valuable Player. It is official. he deserved it this time and he was awarded it.

The award was unanimous.

Mike Trout is the first player in baseball history to score 300 runs, hit 75 Home Runs and steal 74 bases in his first 400 games in the major leagues. He won the Rookie of the Year award in 2012, finished second in the MVP voting that year as well as last year, won the All Star Game MVP this July and now he has won the MVP for his stellar 2014 season. In the past season he carried 27% of the Angels offense on his back alone.

THE Vote totals as follows:

Trout, Angels, 420 points

Victor Martinez, Tigers, 229 points

Michael Brantley, Indians 185 points

Jose Abreu, White Sox, 145

Seven different players got second-place votes, including Trout's nemesis in the past two MVP votes, Miguel Cabrera.

Trout becomes the first player since Ken Griffey Jr. in 1997 to be named unanimous MVP and is now the youngest player in baseball history to record that achievement.

Trout becomes the fifth youngest player in baseball history to win an MVP. Stan Musial was 22 in 1943, Johnny Bench was 22 in 1970, Vida Blue was 22 in 1971, Cal Ripken was 23 years and 39 days on the final day of the 1983 season and Trout was 23 years, 52 days old on September 28, 2014, the final day of his MVP 2014 season.

Two of Trout's Angels teammates also got votes in the balloting - Albert Pujols got one eighth place vote and one tenth place vote. Howie Kendrick received one eighth place vote.