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Halos Heaven APRIL Roll Call...

All 27 Game Threads have been tabulated and the results of how much you post are here...

Whole Lotta High Fiving Goin' On...
Whole Lotta High Fiving Goin' On...
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a rundown of every single Halos Heaven Game Thread this season - all 27 games - all of April (and opening day in March).

First let's look at which comments got the most recommendationss? Well here is every Game Thread Comment form the past 27 games with 5 or more RECS...

# Recs Commenter Comment Link
8 bc56274 Call me crazy, but I'm calling an Ibanez bomb.
7 ihigh Every fan has their own reasons and opinions as to why the Angels suck and I respect that
6 Designerguy If anything was proved tonight, he's not a load-bearing Wall, so he can be removed from the roster safely
5 Sinatrasratpack This site has become almost unreadable

Every comment has been tabulated. Anyone who made one post even is listed here. The totals are mind-blowing:

Halos Heaven 2014 GAME THREADS (3-31 thru 4/30) Roll Call...
Total comments 32,433
Total commenters 247
Commenter list 15DayDL, 1970cs, 2112Fortuna, 2pintsofbooze, 5thStarter, AY_AY_AY_AYBAR, AndyHogan14, AngelKeith, AngelsBaseball, AngelsFTW, AngelsFan87, AngelsHIMYMfan, Angelsfan015, Angelsrthebest101, Barca, BartonSpringsMatt, BearWithJetpack, Big Easy Halofan, BigBangRobbDawgg, BigDaddyMatty, Birdle, BrentSchmidt, BrownLunchSack, BuSeaAir, CKremer, Captain Thailand, CaptainCarlos, Caseys Kiss of Death, Chone's Chonies, Christie2002, Chzburger Jones, Clutch, Commander_Nate, DAD OF VLAD, DMAGZ13, DN1, Damagecow, Darth Duane, Designerguy, Dick Armada, Doctor Wu, Dono Romantico, Dontbatvlad4th, Donut Holschtein, Downing Rules, E.ReidROY, Ed@northridge, Eric in Portland, GTFO Fernando, GutterDem0n, Halo Hurricane, HaloDanO, HaloInHouston, HaloPetey, Halofan4ever, Halofanatic, Halos in DE, Halos2008, Halostradamus, HamboneZone13, Harrigan, Henderson-Sports 06, Herr Kottkamp, Hockey Duckie, HoustonHaloFan, Hurling Darvish, Hutch83, Idahalo, Jack Frostt, Jason Andrew Martin, JeffJoiner, Jerry Lai, JerryDipotoPhD, Joe Blanton's goatee, Juan Savage, JustJDawg, K3YEROUT, KaponoMagic, KidRob76, LA Seitz, LAA of A Fan, LAASurfin, LanaBanana, LeftArrow2, LodiHaloFan, LosAngel, MH252525, Marcotor, Marine Layer, Match Day 5, Mayheminthehood, MikeSP310, MikeSalmon, Monk e, Moondoggy, Morales8, MrYater, NPCody, Nine-a-side, Nizock, No Bologna Polonia, NorCalHalo, Nord15, NorthernNeighbour, Northwest, NotoriousPVC, OC Awhole1, OCangels, OMAHALO FAN, Oxygen48, PhiAlphaHalos, PhiSlamma, Piatkowski fan!, Pipo, Quad Fin Rider, Quinlan's Goofy Swing, RE1066, Raaddad, Rally Manatee, Rev Halofan, RexTookMyStash, Rock Island Line, RumorsOfWars36, SB Bruin, SCHalo, SLOfan, ScottyBaby!, Shackleford, Side Salad, Sinatrasratpack, Tapatio Man, The Big J, The Flying V, The Limey, The Quik Mix, TheGodofRuns, TheKingfish, Tom Servo 93, Trumbomb44, Turks Teeth, Twebur, UK Halo, Unclearnie, VPBOB, Vernon Wells Cash Deposit, VictoriousVIC, Witten mittens, Wytelitning, YOUknowulovetheIE, aaronkc7, aces666high, aggelosfan, angelBrad73, angelfan1954, angelsfan7, angelskid2210, angelslogic, angelsncrkrjks, angelsown3417, autry's cowboys, b0rd3rline, bc56274, bigviz, blast21dave, blochead, boyjohn, bryansan, callmethebreeze, cardinalwraith, carternorris, cath619, chiliv06, clover_black, contagious_arc, cupie, drawp, dwoodard78, eclou, eyespy, firebird81, flailing, franchiz, frmysteryman, frosse, gcs1469, grahams98, halligan, halo everybody, halo24, haloduck, halofolife, hatcher is my homeboy, hayakutrouthayaku, homercles, htennis, iLoveLamp, ihearhowie2.0, ihigh, imiss2002, jaybird3332, jess m, jimmuscomp, kevinivek, kleinm, ladybug, littletalks, mannye, mathisrocks5, matthiasstephan, mattwelch, max peter, maze88, migfig, monkeys54, moscito, mustard_man, notaznguy, opiejeanne, pereubu77, pjh21, pujols noob, raskul, red floyd, rspencer, ryanfea, salmonforever, scottnak, sheisalovelyladyandmyapologiestoher, sherikay, slimshaney13, smithy610, snowhor, steelgolf, stuck in Romania, sunsforlife34, supermarcio, tanana40, tcberry, thatfunkym0nkey, tolbs1010, truhalo, weaver_is_my_daddy, willistonian, xDassx, yeswecan, zugstephen, ~MMP~

And now let's look at who posted - members who posted more than 100 times are listed...

# Commenter # Comments
1 red floyd 3140
2 Designerguy 2941
3 angelsfan7 1333
4 TheKingfish 1172
5 angelslogic 981
6 LanaBanana 978
7 KidRob76 963
8 eyespy 922
9 Christie2002 916
10 Angelsfan015 911
11 5thStarter 904
12 ryanfea 887
13 JerryDipotoPhD 758
14 tanana40 745
15 E.ReidROY 729
16 blast21dave 699
17 NorthernNeighbour 614
18 BigDaddyMatty 598
19 opiejeanne 582
20 ladybug 498
21 Downing Rules 487
22 Morales8 432
23 MH252525 415
24 frmysteryman 409
25 clover_black 340
26 Eric in Portland 316
27 callmethebreeze 274
28 Idahalo 267
29 ~MMP~ 254
30 stuck in Romania 252
31 flailing 230
32 Rev Halofan 227
33 htennis 201
34 UK Halo 199
35 Unclearnie 199
36 cath619 192
37 halofolife 176
38 frosse 167
39 Angelsrthebest101 163
40 TheGodofRuns 159
41 firebird81 158
42 HamboneZone13 149
43 bc56274 143
44 Dono Romantico 143
45 Moondoggy 137
46 LAASurfin 128
47 Caseys Kiss of Death 124
48 Oxygen48 121
49 smithy610 121
50 The Flying V 120
51 aaronkc7 119
52 sheisalovelyladyandmyapologiestoher 114
53 maze88 111
54 ihigh 111
55 Raaddad 109
56 migfig 107
57 Monk e 102

The only question left to ask is... CAN WE TOP THESE NUMBERS IN MAY?