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Month of May Game Thread Comment Counter

How many posts did YOU make on game threads on Halos Heaven in May?

We were talking about the space between us all...
We were talking about the space between us all...
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

May was quite an active month on the Halos Heaven Game Threads. We averaged over 1,000 comments per game. In the 28 Angels games that were played there were over 29,000 comments posted. Check the count and who exactly was posting here (listed alphabetically):

Roll Call Info
Total comments 29,373
Total commenters 184
Commenter list 5thStarter, AY_AY_AY_AYBAR, AlanFalcon, AngelsHIMYMfan, Angelsfan015, Angelsrthebest101, BearWithJetpack, Big Easy Halofan, BigDaddyMatty, BrentSchmidt, Captain Thailand, Caseys Kiss of Death, Ccarl24, Chone's Chonies, Christie2002, Chzburger Jones, Clutch, Commander_Nate, DDA, Damagecow, Darth Duane, Definition of Insanity, Designerguy, Dick Armada, Dono Romantico, Downing Rules, E.ReidROY, Ed@northridge, Eric in Portland, GA_alltheway, Gorbachav5, Halo Hurricane, HaloDanO, HaloInHouston, HaloPetey, Halofan4ever, Halos2008, Halostradamus, HamboneZone13, Hamilton's Relapse, Harrigan, HoustonHaloFan, Hutch83, IWishWeStillHadTimSalmon, Idahalo, J.J. Miller, Jack Frostt, Jason Andrew Martin, JeffJoiner, JerryDipotoPhD, Jimatkins, Juan Savage, JustJDawg, K3YEROUT, KaponoMagic, KidRob76, LA Seitz, LAA of A Fan, LAASurfin, LanaBanana, LittleCupcakes, LodiHaloFan, LosAngel, MH252525, Marcotor, Marine Layer, Mayheminthehood, MikeSalmon, Monk e, Moondoggy, Morales8, MrYater, NPCody, Nizock, No Bologna Polonia, NorthernNeighbour, OC Awhole1, OCangels, OMAHALO FAN, OldGuyWithALongDong, Oxygen48, Paulo Palito, PhiSlamma, Pipo, RE1066, Raaddad, RaidersofOakland, Rally Manatee, Rev Halofan, Rock Island Line, SCHalo, SLOfan, ScottyBaby!, SothsMusicalChairs, Spird, Stirrups, Teixeira Who?, The Flying V, The Limey, The Mikay, TheGodofRuns, TheKingfish, Tom Servo 93, Turks Teeth, UK Halo, Unclearnie, VPBOB, Vernon Wells Cash Deposit, VictoriousVIC, Wytelitning, YOUknowulovetheIE, aaronkc7, angelfan1954, angelsfan7, angelslogic, angelsown3417, autry's cowboys, bc56274, bigviz, blast21dave, blochead, bluejays13, bryansan, callmethebreeze, carternorris, cath619, chiliv06, clover_black, contagious_arc, cupie, eclou, eyespy, firebird81, flailing, frmysteryman, frosse, gcs1469, grahams98, halo24, halofolife, hatcher is my homeboy, hayakutrouthayaku, homercles, htennis, iLoveLamp, ihigh, jaybird3332, jockoautry, kevinivek, kleinm, ladybug, littletalks, mannye, mathisrocks5, matthiasstephan, mattwelch, maze88, migfig, monkeys54, moscito, mustard_man, opiejeanne, pereubu77, pujols noob, red floyd, river-z, rogerrepoznik, ryanfea, salmonforever, scottnak, sheisalovelyladyandmyapologiestoher, sherikay, slimshaney13, smithy610, snowhor, speculator, steelgolf, stuck in Romania, supermarcio, tanana40, tcberry, truhalo, willistonian, ~MMP~

Okay, let's see who the Top 40 posters were and how many posts it took to get ranked that high...

# Commenter # Comments
1 Designerguy 4028
2 red floyd 2823
3 Christie2002 1928
4 angelsfan7 1608
5 NorthernNeighbour 1268
6 TheKingfish 1097
7 KidRob76 958
8 ryanfea 938
9 LanaBanana 853
10 angelslogic 768
11 tanana40 723
12 Angelsfan015 719
13 MH252525 682
14 BigDaddyMatty 676
15 eyespy 663
16 blast21dave 613
17 opiejeanne 584
18 ladybug 564
19 5thStarter 545
20 Marine Layer 465
21 Idahalo 420
22 Morales8 412
23 UK Halo 349
24 htennis 301
25 Downing Rules 255
26 frmysteryman 245
27 TheGodofRuns 231
28 clover_black 227
29 flailing 220
30 JerryDipotoPhD 217
31 E.ReidROY 186
32 Unclearnie 184
33 Caseys Kiss of Death 169
34 Moondoggy 161
35 supermarcio 155
36 Angelsrthebest101 151
37 grahams98 147
38 Turks Teeth 139
39 Rev Halofan 136
40 ScottyBaby! 97

And the comment that got the most recommendations out of those 29,000+ was...

# Recs Commenter Comment Link
4 Designerguy Let's check the 1776 scoreboard....USA 1, England 0

Okay, the Halos hit a speed bump at the end of the month but keep the comments coming...