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June 2014 Halos Heaven Game Thread RollCall

29,000+ comments despite (and including) a few rain delays!


The Angels had a great July. Mike Trout was named AL Player of the Month and the team is sneaking up in the AL West standings. Here at Halos Heaven we are reminded that being the #1 Angels fan site carries immense volume.

First here are the raw numbered for comments, commenters and links to all the game threads form June, including a few rain delays and extra inning add-ons...

Roll Call Info
Total comments 29,439
Total commenters 196
Commenter list 3rd Echelon, 5thStarter, 661Halo, AlanFalcon, AngelsFTW, AngelsHIMYMfan, Angelsfan015, Angelsrthebest101, ArakSOT, Barca, Big Easy Halofan, BigDaddyMatty, CallMeEckstein, Caseys Kiss of Death, Chone's Chonies, ChrisGonzalez, Christie2002, Chzburger Jones, Commander_Nate, DAD OF VLAD, Darth Duane, Designerguy, Dick Armada, Dono Romantico, Downing Rules, E.ReidROY, Ed@northridge, Eric in Portland, Faulther, Georgethev, Gorbachav5, GutterDem0n, Halo Hurricane, Halo84653, HaloInHouston, HaloPetey, Halofan4ever, Halos in DE, Halos2008, HamboneZone13, HeffBall, HoustonHaloFan, Hutch83, Idahalo, Ivan X, JTrum2302, Jack Frostt, Jason Andrew Martin, JeanneusP, JeffJoiner, Jerry Lai, Jimatkins, Juan Savage, JustJDawg, K3YEROUT, KidRob76, Kwahu, LA Seitz, LAA of A Fan, LAASurfin, LanaBanana, Lidstroem, LittleCupcakes, LosAngel, MH252525, Marcotor, Marine Layer, Masandyballs, Mayheminthehood, MikeSP310, MikeSalmon, Monk e, Morales8, NPCody, Nizock, No Bologna Polonia, NorthernNeighbour, NotoriousPVC, OC Awhole1, OCangels, OMAHALO FAN, Oxygen48, PhiSlamma, PieceOfAase, Pipo, Rally Manatee, Rev Halofan, Rock Island Line, SCHalo, SLOfan, ScottyBaby!, SeahawksPhan, Slyintine, Stirrups, Teixeira Who?, The Mikay, The Quik Mix, TheCheetah, TheGodofRuns, TheKingfish, Tiburoncito, Toll Booth Willie, Tom Servo 93, Turks Teeth, Twebur, Txsurfer, UK Halo, Unclearnie, YOUknowulovetheIE, aaronkc7, angelfan1954, angelsfan7, angelslogic, angelsown3417, archangel, arjen25, autry's cowboys, bc56274, blast21dave, blochead, boyjohn, bryansan, callmethebreeze, cath619, chairmanofthebar, chiliv06, clover_black, codedfreaq, cupie, dave.thompsen, eclou, elBONESAW, eyespy, fanfrom61, firebird81, flailing, frosse, gcs1469, grahams98, halligan, halo court, halo24, halofolife, hatcher is my homeboy, hayakutrouthayaku, homercles, htennis, ihearhowie2.0, ihigh, imiss2002, jaybird3332, jb3411, jelehrer, jimmuscomp, kevinivek, kleinm, ladybug, mathisrocks5, matthiasstephan, mattwelch, max peter, maze88, migfig, monkeys54, moosemastr, moscito, mr erstad, mustard_man, nwstud31, opiejeanne, paradox, pereubu77, pujols noob, red floyd, river-z, rspencer, ryanfea, salmonforever, scottnak, sheisalovelyladyandmyapologiestoher, sherikay, slimshaney13, smithy610, snowhor, stuck in Romania, supermarcio, tanana40, tcberry, tolbs1010, towel, truhalo, weaver's velocity, woggerone, xDassx, xGuile_meme, ~MMP~

So who commented the most in June? One out of three posters put up at least 100 comments in June Game Threads. Here they are:

# Commenter # Comments
1 Designerguy 4032
2 red floyd 2776
3 Christie2002 2349
4 angelsfan7 1352
5 NorthernNeighbour 1258
6 TheKingfish 1140
7 5thStarter 1024
8 tanana40 936
9 LanaBanana 874
10 ryanfea 790
11 opiejeanne 714
12 angelslogic 693
13 MH252525 602
14 Angelsfan015 517
15 BigDaddyMatty 498
16 eyespy 468
17 Darth Duane 463
18 Idahalo 434
19 ladybug 422
20 KidRob76 394
21 Caseys Kiss of Death 379
22 Rev Halofan 367
23 Marine Layer 349
24 flailing 316
25 callmethebreeze 261
26 rspencer 255
27 clover_black 228
28 blast21dave 201
29 TheGodofRuns 178
30 angelsown3417 174
31 sheisalovelyladyandmyapologiestoher 170
32 Angelsrthebest101 164
33 AngelsHIMYMfan 158
34 Txsurfer 155
35 hayakutrouthayaku 150
36 MikeSalmon 139
37 UK Halo 132
38 autry's cowboys 122
39 Eric in Portland 120
40 Turks Teeth 118
41 kevinivek 118
42 No Bologna Polonia 116
43 Halos in DE 111
44 Downing Rules 107
45 Barca 102
46 mattwelch 100

And the most recommended comments? Here ya go with a cross seciton of celebration and F-Bomibing Ernesto Frieri thrown in to mix it up, with a cameo by Alex Curry. All comments are linked if you want to revisit the context...

# Recs Commenter Comment Link
6 MH252525 I think I've finally put my finger on why Soth is so frustrating
3 Caseys Kiss of Death Of course we're getting fucking swept
3 elBONESAW Swept
3 river-z CA is the land of fruits and nuts, and that's just the people.
3 autry's cowboys he gets one for june right?
3 bc56274 Alex Curry in a short skirt.
3 matthiasstephan SOTR
3 KidRob76 Whats up HH. Just logged in to use my June F-bomb...
3 opiejeanne HE GONE!!!!!

Looks like July will see this community only growing rowdier as we cheer on a better Angels team than some of us might have imagined.