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Angels Shooting Fraudney Arrows is a Statement

Sometimes a hog must be fed some extra slop to remind him he is a pig.

Harry How

Mariners closer Fernando Rodney has been rubbing in his Saves with a bow-and-arrow mime troupe audition for a few seasons now. When he gets a save he pretends to pull an arrow out of a quiver on his back and pulls it across a bow and releases it, watching it sail far into the vista of the victory he just sealed.

It is his little schtick and compared to some relievers' macho thumpings it is hardly the most annoying thing on the planet.

But when he got the final two outs of the eighth inning on Sunday afternoon in Anaheim, Rodney appeared to aim his imaginary bow at the Angels dugout and fired away despite needing to pitch another inning to ensure the Save for which he was summoned. This was no celebration of vanquishing the foe, it was a mocking of the opponent.

Well the opponent fought back and then mocked back. He who laughs last laughs loudest. When Albert Pujols doubled in Mike Trout to tie the game he made a bow and arrow gesture toward the pitching mound. Trout, having just scored, scowled as he reciprocated with his own Arrow-smithing Marcel Marceau moment.

Right back at you and your crooked cap. Swagger gets a dagger, and in Sunday's case, a stab in the daylight and an L next to your name in the box score.