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Halos Heaven Sunday Fresca's Breakfast Meetup

WE MEET AT Fresca's on Katella next to the Stadium AT 11 A.M.

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Breakfast of CAMPIONES ! ! !
Breakfast of CAMPIONES ! ! !
Matt Cardy

Swing by Fresca's on Katella across from the Stadium at 11 AM - Noon for an impromptu (as in: I just bought tickets online to the game) Halos Heaven Meetup. Look for an old guy with a young wife, that will be yours truly and let's break bread (or in this case corn tortilla chips) before the game.

Sure we could tailgate in the parking lot but I am no way in hell fixing you breakfast or lunch and you wouldn't want to eat what I grill anyway. Let's meet and hang out at the patio at Fresca's Patio (LINK TO SITE), they open at 10 AM, you can buy your own damn beer and all the amazing Mexican food you would ever want. There is a Starbucks nearby too if you need your morning fix of caffeine.

By noon we will want to waddle on over and make it into the stadium for the game and then you are on your own.