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July Halos Heaven Game Thread Roll Call

Has Red Floyd met his match?

We Salute You
We Salute You
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

July was a busy month here on the Halos Heaven Game Threads - we started the month with a double header in Chicago, had an All Star Game and finished it out on the road in Baltimore. Did you post early and often? Let's check the scoreboard for July:

Roll Call Info
Total comments 29,941
Total commenters 210
Commenter list 2pintsofbooze, 5thStarter, 95.7, AlanFalcon, AndyHogan14, Angels10thMan, AngelsHIMYMfan, AngelsNerd, Angelsfan015, Angelsrthebest101, Barca, BartonSpringsMatt, BearWithJetpack, BigBangRobbDawgg, BigDaddyMatty, BrentSchmidt, Caddis3, CallMeEckstein, CaptainCarlos, Caseys Kiss of Death, Chili Dog Davis, Chone's Chonies, Christie2002, Commander_Nate, Darth Duane, Designerguy, Dono Romantico, Downing Rules, Dr.Bone, DucksHalos08, E.ReidROY, Ed@northridge, Eric in Portland, Gon'Fishin, Gorbachav5, GottaPayTheTrollToll, Halo Hurricane, Halo84653, Halofan4ever, Halofanatic, Halos in DE, Halostradamus, Halowitz, HamboneZone13, Harrigan, Hoppity Hooper, HoustonHaloFan, Idahalo, Ivan X, Jack Frostt, Jason Andrew Martin, JeanneusP, JeffJoiner, Jerry Lai, Jimatkins, K3YEROUT, KidRob76, King Weaver, Kwahu, LAA of A Fan, LAASurfin, LanaBanana, LittleCupcakes, LiveandDieAngelsBaseball, LosAngel, MH252525, Marcotor, Marine Layer, Masandyballs, Mauch 3, Mayheminthehood, MikeSalmon, MikeSciosciaStyle, Monk e, Moondoggy, Morales8, MrVedder, Mrkyyyle, Nizock, No Bologna Polonia, NorthernNeighbour, NotoriousPVC, OC Awhole1, OMAHALO FAN, Oxygen48, PhiSlamma, PieceOfAase, Pipo, ProudToServeAngelFan, Rally Manatee, Rev Halofan, SCHalo, SLOfan, SantaBarbara_805, SocalAngelFaninOC, Stirrups, Tapatio Man, Tarantism, Teixeira Who?, The Flying V, The Land of Happy Trees, The Quik Mix, TheCheetah, TheGodofRuns, TheKingfish, Theren86n02, TimBinId, Toll Booth Willie, Tom Servo 93, Turks Teeth, TurksTeeth, Txsurfer, UK Halo, Unclearnie, VABruin, VPBOB, Vernon Wells Cash Deposit, VictoriousVIC, aces666high, angelfan1954, angelsfan7, angelslogic, angelsown3417, arjen25, autry's cowboys, bc56274, benjiface, bigviz, blast21dave, blochead, bluejays13, boyjohn, bryansan, cal86ed, callmethebreeze, cardinalwraith, carternorris, chairmanofthebar, chiliv06, clover_black, cupie, devildogamp, dkane626, eyespy, firebird81, fishfarm, flailing, frmysteryman, frosse, gcs1469, glausistheboss, grahams98, halligan, halo24, halofan1, halofolife, hashtagtroll, hauldog, hayakutrouthayaku, homercles, htennis, iLoveLamp, ihearhowie2.0, ihigh, imiss2002, jelehrer, jimmuscomp, kevinivek, kleinm, ladybug, laxtonto, mannye, mathisrocks5, matthiasstephan, max peter, maze88, migfig, miketrout, mitchellaustin, monkeys54, moosemastr, moscito, mrboma, mustard_man, number 6, nwstud31, opiejeanne, pujols noob, red floyd, river-z, rogerrepoznik, rspencer, ryanfea, scottnak, sheisalovelyladyandmyapologiestoher, sherikay, smithy610, snowhor, steelgolf, stuck in Romania, supermarcio, tanana40, tcberry, truhalo, vitzeng, vye duhh blu, weaver's velocity, xDassx, yeswecan, ~MMP~

Som folks posted a little, others posted a lot. Here are the folks who posted at least 99 times in July...

# Commenter # Comments
1 Designerguy 4328
2 red floyd 2775
3 Christie2002 1830
4 LanaBanana 1180
5 5thStarter 1147
6 angelsfan7 1015
7 ryanfea 948
8 KidRob76 889
9 opiejeanne 882
10 ladybug 871
11 angelslogic 842
12 TheKingfish 828
13 tanana40 767
14 Angelsfan015 731
15 BigDaddyMatty 536
16 MH252525 472
17 Eric in Portland 460
18 Txsurfer 444
19 callmethebreeze 387
20 htennis 383
21 Downing Rules 368
22 Darth Duane 342
23 eyespy 337
24 sheisalovelyladyandmyapologiestoher 313
25 hayakutrouthayaku 282
26 clover_black 231
27 Gorbachav5 225
28 Turks Teeth 210
29 Masandyballs 210
30 AngelsHIMYMfan 198
31 angelsown3417 181
32 blast21dave 177
33 flailing 173
34 Marine Layer 169
35 Angelsrthebest101 168
36 NorthernNeighbour 156
37 Halos in DE 155
38 Oxygen48 153
39 rogerrepoznik 151
40 Rally Manatee 149
41 Rev Halofan 132
42 OC Awhole1 130
43 stuck in Romania 127
44 grahams98 115
45 Tom Servo 93 99

Lots of Game Thread Comments got RECS but only a few got four or more recommendations - each of these is linked if you want to jump to the specific month they were made and see the situation that calls forth said RECommended brilliance...

# Recs Commenter Comment Link
6 red floyd Ladies and Gentlemen...
4 Teixeira Who? "Fernando Rodney leaves the ballpark a loser!" - Terry Smith
4 No Bologna Polonia I'd like to think that Jack Buck is in heaven watching this game on mute
4 angelsfan7 Bad version of a HAT TRICK
4 K3YEROUT He's pretty used to leaving Anaheim a LOSER!
4 angelsfan7 Dodger fans excited.

Will the heat of the pennant race being out more recommended comments? Will Red Floyd capture his former posting brilliance? Tune in next month... until then see you on the Game Threads!