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Cespedes Hits Walkoff in Boston on Night A's Fall 6 Back

Billy Beane traded his offense to win in playoffs he might not even reach.

...he looks good in red...
...he looks good in red...
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The nightmare continues for our MoneyBalled rival Oakland Athletics.

On June 21 they were Six Games ahead of the Angels in the American League West Standings.

After play on September 4 they are Six Games behind the Halos and appear to be sinking fast.

After trading the farm for Jeff Samardzija in mid-July they traded the core of their offense for Jon Lester. While Lester has lost three times in the past two weeks, Yoenis Cespedes has been on an offensive terror for the out-of-contention Boston Red Sox.

On the night that Samardzija lost to the Houston Astros in Oakland 4-3, Cespedes had an extra-innings walk-off base hit at Fenway.

The A's are a mere two games ahead of the Seattle Mariners in the wild card race. If the season ended today, Oakland would host the Mariners - who manged to take two of three from them in Oakland this week. But there are 22 games left in the season and the A's have no offense besides the recently-acquired Adam Dunn.

Done might actually be the word for the deflation that appears to be heading Billy Beane's way.