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Halos Heaven 2014 Posting Awards

Does Any Fan Have Designs on the Designerguy Crown?

2014 Champs of Something
2014 Champs of Something
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Better late than never, here are the 2014 Halos Heaven comment awards.

Be it our Game Threads, Daily Links, breaking news or analysis the community here speaks up when there is something to talk about in Angels baseball.

Here are the commenters who spoke up the most here in 2014:

  1. Designerguy had 30,449 comments in 2014.
  2. red floyd only made 25,782 comments and half of them at least were retorts to our champion.
  3. Christie2002 brings an impressive 15,711 to the site to build on headed into a new year!
  4. 5thStarter is also infamous as a retorter and an inquisitor and he did it 13,906 times last year.
  5. angelsfan7 went above and beyond the call of duty with 11,304 mouseclicks after having her say.
  6. LanaBanana hit it big - despite a week in Vegas with our crew she made 8,499 comments.
  7. ryanfea has not been banned from the site and it shows with his 7,711 comments last year.
  8. angelslogic was winning arguments with 6,725 comments
  9. NorthernNeighbour stuck around the neighborhood a lot in 2014 with 6,646 comments
  10. TheKingfish had more comments in 2014 than Tim Salmon had At-Bats as an Angel: 6,588 - but the real King Fish did have more career Plate Appearances.


The chance to be on this list next January is entirely up to you - post away!