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Angels pull off the most miraculous win of the season against the pathetic Texas Rangers

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 11 Rangers 10

The game was lost, done, kaput. The Rangers had a back-and-forth affair all afternoon long with the Angels, mainly due to poor, shoddy pitching(especially from the bullpens) and this do-or-die game(aren't they all?) became one of the wackiest contests of MLB's docket in 2015.

The two teams kept trading head shots and body blows, big time knocks and dingers galore, with the lead ever changing and the pitchers getting eaten alive like they were tiger-loving, Las Vegas magicians. A solo shot from Josh Hamilton, big RBI hits from Johnny Giavotella, Carlos Perez and David Murphy; more solo shots from Josh Hamilton and Rougned Odor, and even vets getting in on the action, like Adrian Beltre's big two-run single in the fifth. Hector Santiago, Fernando Salas, Cesar Ramos and, most inexplicably, Mat Latos, all combined on the Los Angeles side to give the fans at home heart attacks every inning, and the bats would then bring us all from the brink.

Everything in this game, though, was leading up to the insane, unbelievable ninth inning. Heading into the final side, the Angels were limping into a 6-10 hole with only three outs left to their name. Then, Erick Aybar hits a solo shot. Okay...fine. Kole Calhoun followed up with a solo shot of his own, Angels now down 8-10. Hmmmm...interesting, but no way they win, right? Nope, because then C.J. Cron gets them within one run with a huge, two out single and then Carlos Perez finishes off the most unlikely come back of the season with a dying quail hit into shallow center. Angels had tied the game. UN. REAL.

And with a man on, two outs and needing one more run to finish off the Rangers off, Johnny Giavotella came to the plate and knocked in a run with a single. Did you think it could be anybody else that would come up with perhaps the biggest hit of the season? The kid is pure magic, and that magic pays off dividends on the regular.

They had done it. They came back from a depressing ledge and the Rangers imploded hilariously and pathetically. Joe Smith came into the ninth and finished the job, and the Angels' dugout erupted into jubilant celebration. They are doing the improbable...nay, the impossible. They are keeping themselves alive, and wowing baseball journalists and talking heads everywhere with one of, if not THE, gutsiest comeback victories of the 2015 season. Perhaps they took notes from what Houston did to them just a couple weeks ago; because of that fateful, horrible day, I know how Texas fans feel right now.

But I don't care. Let them wallow in anguish. The Angels still need a Houston loss tonight, so keep your eyes on the scoreboard. It's not all in their hands, but with wins like today's, there's really nothing that can stop these guys on the baseball diamond. They just need that shot in the play in game, and this surging sense of playoff destiny could translate into some more unlikely wins and improbably comebacks.

They can do it. Do you believe?