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The Angels have put C.J. Wilson on the trading block

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Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

The hottest little nugget of juicy, Winter Meetings rumors today (so far) comes from Bob Nightengale, who tells us that the Angels are shopping around starting pitcher C.J. Wilson. This is a move that some were hoping happened earlier in 2015, near the trade deadline, but the Angels' stock in Wilson, along with the emergence of bone spurs in his elbow that required surgery, dampened that speculation and killed all the fun trade ideas(Wilson-for-Andre-Ethier was a hot one at the time).

That was then, and this is NOW, though. "Now" being Winter Meetings, and teams needing starting pitching may see C.J. Wilson, healthy and cleared for Spring Training takeoff in a contract year, and decide to offer up something of value in return to the Angels. Wilson is set to make $20 mil in 2016, and can block trades to 8 teams.

If a move were to be made, it'd most likely be for some prospects, and more importantly, to clear up that $20 million off the books, making them even more flexible, payroll-wise, should they decide to go whole hog on a free agent OF or 2B. Some decent trade partners might be either the Yankees or the Giants, two teams that are still looking for pitching but who may also have no qualms about taking on the brunt of that $20 mil blow. Losing Wilson could be a move that ultimately harms the Angels' rotation, but saving those big bucks and putting towards a big dog like Heyward may prove to be fruitful.