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Vladimir Guerrero Takes to Twitter!

The inside scoop from the original #27 is online.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Angels superstar Vladimir Guerrero has opened a twitter account. Follow him at VLADGUERRERO27 where he glowingly praises and thanks Angels fans in bilingual tweets to cover all his fans.

He even gives us some inside coverage... like the drama surrounding his throwing out the first pitch last season - a toss that injured a crouched Don Baylor at Catcher when the 1979 AL MVP leaned a little too far on an aged femur...

Vlad is nothing if not politic, praising the Angels organization before delving into the small tragedy that unfolded around Baylor. addition to discussing the incident where Baylor was injured, without gloating he reminds everyone that the ceremony uniting the two MVPs was his signing with the Angels and retiring a Halo and then throwing out the pitch to Baylor who had recently re-joined the team as hitting coach 35 years after his MVP season in Anaheim.

He follows up with more detail...

Seriously, all along, we all knew Vlad was a great guy, and now his Twitter account confirms these feelings.