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Josh Hamilton - 862 Days Later

What did Angels fans have to say the moment they learned Josh Hamilton signed with the Halos?

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Let's take a walk down memory lane. December 13, 2012. That was the day Halos Heaven published the news that the Angels were signing Josh Hamilton to a five year, $125 million contract.

Here is our coverage and YOUR reactions from that day. - LINK

Some people cheered for the signing. Some grieved. Many just got to work, accepting it and figuring out who would be traded.

I could copy and paste some of the more hilariously bad predictions. I could send kudos to those who called the coming trainwreck. Nobody precisely called Kendrys Morales being traded for Jason Vargas less than a week later but many people were close with "Kendry for pitching" trade proposals. The Mark Trumbo for pitching proposals came true a year later when we acquired Hector Santiago via the Trumbo trade.

It is not really an hour for those of us who bemoaned this signing to gloat. Nor is it one to heckle those who chest-thumped that the Halos would be winning a hundred games by the score of 10-8 in 2013.

The recent events were not Josh Hamilton's finest hour, nor were they Arte Moreno's finest hour. They were not Halos Heaven's finest hour. And really, we may just be in the middle of the story. The contract hits its midway point in July.

Stay tuned. We have not heard the last from HamBone and he has not heard the last from Angels fans everywhere.