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Angels supposedly played a baseball game, against the Astros, I think?...lose 6-3, whatevs

I'm over it, dude. M'over it.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Do you really want to know what happened in this game? Like, f'reals? I watched the whole thing, and you probably did, too. So you know; like, you KNOW. If you DIDN'T watch this, then you can probably surmise that it wasn't worth watching. And you're right. The Astros beat them, doing Astroey things and hitting two homers off of Garrett Richards, which no team had done since 2013. The Angels didn't do anything against the other guy, on top of that; his name was Lance McCullers, by the way. Well, Conor Gillaspie got an RBI triple. He's been pretty sweet. Albert Pujols hit a bomb and Johnny Giavotella had an RBI, but that was a too little, too late situation...but, I guess. So yeah, that stuff was tight, but outside that there was nothing worth telling, worth seeing, worth wasting one second of your brain's processing power. Trust me.

Two nights in a row of No Mike Trout will do crazy things to a man. It'll do crazy things, i'm sure, to the fans across the country who tuned into ESPN, only to see No Mike Trout; they probably began crying, along with ESPN executives, as the team that ended up going on display, with No Mike Trout, would play so listlessly and lacking in oomph, chutzpah, other onomatopoeias and funny sounding words, that the only thing Angels fans could do was become an emotional wreck or an angry voice amidst the angry voice rabble. Psssssshhhh, whatevs. I guess it's just one game, but still, dude.

Ahhhhhh...(exhale)....the Angels aren't in first place anymore. Bummer. But they're not that far out of first place. But the Astros are kinda good, man...and, like, the Rangers picked up Cole Hamels tonight, via trade. That's all we need in this division. Honestly, brah....I'm over it already. I'm over tonight. They'll get Trout back and then they'll go back to being good. We have Conor Gillaspie, too, and David Murphy and Davide Dejesus now. This team can do some damage, right? We'll know soon enough. I mean, they play the Astros one more time and then a series against the Dodgers, in the Dodgers' house(yeah yeah, it was OUR house before those fools came from Brooklyn). Things are going to get bumpy.

Hold on to your hats and glasses folks, 'cause this here's the wildest ride in the AL West.