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Mike Trout single-handedly takes on Dodgers and Zach Greinke, loses 5-3

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  1. Angels 3 Dodgers 5

Mike Trout was Batman, and Kole Calhoun was Robin, and the dynamic duo went to the bowels of Gotham to put a stop to The Djokers and their starting pitcher, Victor Zsasz. It didn’t go all that well, despite their best efforts. When we last looked in on our superheroic heroes, they were dangling from the jumbotron, above a dark cauldron loaded with Yasiel Puigs with lasers mounted on their heads.  BOOM! POW! ANGELS LOSE!

Same Halo channel, same Halo result as in Houston and the Angels are officially in a skid. They’ve lost six out of their last ten, and still face some tough competition right around the corner. Yes, they faced Zach Greinke tonight, who is probably the NL MVP. But we had OUR MVP, Mike Trout, killer of Greinke, and he did his work via an RBI triple and an RBI single. Typically, against the Dodgers ace, that would normally be considered a win, but tonight had the distinct pleasure of being yet another turbulent outing from Hector Santiago.

Mike Trout would also prove himself ever the selfless hero, when he took a ball deep for a Batarang bomb in the ninth. It could be seen as futile, since the sorry excuses(tonight at least) for ball players on his team(excluding Robin Calhoun) would be completely absent and worthless at the plate. He is a baseball god, and the Dodgers got lucky tonight.

Howie Kendrick homered in the first, and we should have all known what was up at that point. Mojo was immediately sucked out of the team...Mike Trout/Kole Calhoun excluded...and a sense of impending letdown sank in. Or perhaps that was just me, I don’t know. Hector also gave up a homer to Alex Guerrero, and it was at that point the assumption became a irrefutable fact. The Angels would not walk out of this stadium with a victory tonight. Mike Trout and Kole Calhoun can beat a lot of teams when teaming up like tonight. But not the Dodgers, with Zach Greinke on the bump. The Dodgers racked up a 5-3 lead and never looked back at their Orange County rivals. The Houston Astros were similar losers tonight, so we can take pleasure in knowing the team didn’t lose any ground in the standings.

Batman and Robin defeated? Tune in tomorrow. But unless the rest of the Justice League show up, it will unfortunately be a rerun. TroutMan and Kolbin can only do some much against the entire evil presence of the multiverse...aka the Dodgers.