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In LA: Blue 3, Red 1

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Too little too late.

Opposing colors.
Opposing colors.
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

I was somewhat concerned when I agreed to handle the postgame today. First of all, the Angels always lose when I do, usually in humiliating or, even worse, frustratingly dull fashion. Second, I couldn't actually watch most of it. As it turned out, the more rational worry was entirely unfounded, because, there wasn't much to see today anyways. But all my irrational fears have been reinforced.

In two words, the summary is this: Clayton Kershaw. Basically, no one has been able to touch this guy for more than a month, and the Angels proved incapable of breaking this trend. Taylor Featherston did draw Kershaw's first walk in like four weeks, so that was exciting for a second, until I remembered that this is an NL park, which means we get to enjoy the grand tradition of pitcher-batting futility. Andrew Heaney popped up the bunt and Kershaw completed the double play. Altogether Kershaw pitched eight scoreless, at least allowing the Angels to scratch a symbolic run in the ninth off Kenley Jansen.

Heaney himself pitched well enough. Something to be happy about there, especially with the rotation finally beginning to wear. The trouble came in the sixth, when Howie Kendrick and Adrian Gonzalez led off with back-to-back singles, and Kendrick scored on a sacrifice fly. Mike Scioscia brought in Fernando Salas to turn Yasmani Grandal around, but he hit a home run anyways. It was more than Kershaw needed.

So the Angels have apparently decided after all that winning is boring. They've now lost five in a row, and eight of their last nine, surrendering first-place to Houston, who are just beginning their game today. Mat Latos will start for the Dodgers tomorrow, and while he has pitched a lot better than his record suggests, just about anyone would seem like vacation after grueling against Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw.