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MLB trade rumors: Angels still in on Gerardo Parra, still toying with fans' hearts

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Well, there has been next to NO news on the Angels front for a couple weeks now, if not more, so if I hear even the tiniest of rumor or speculation that they may be interesting in Player X, I would be remiss if I didn't jump all over it. Which brings us to today, and a brand new source claiming the Angels are still in the mix on OF Gerardo Parra.

Okay, so a few reasons to not get TOO excited(or excited at all):

1. The Angels were "in" on just about every other outfielder on the market at some time or another these past couple months, and instead of progressing talks, they amassed a shifty platoon of average-at-best LFs. This, coupled with Arte Moreno's "probably out" remarks over a month ago have pretty much told us where this team stands in terms of signing someone. We may be pessimistic, but the Angels are the ones that put us in that position.

2. As stated in this report from earlier today, there is a lot of action right now on Gerardo Parra, and understandably so. With Alex Gordon and Denard Span the latest to fly off the free agent shelf, the rest of the market is figuring things out and searching for footholds. Pieces are falling and will continue to fall, but there are at least a handful of other teams with similar needs as the Angels, and more money or resources at their disposable. Rockies, namely, also seem to be aggressive on Parra, as well as the Nats, Rangers, Orioles and Red Sox. So get in line, Angels.

But still, the Angels just being mentioned in the race for a LF that's not named Gentry or Nava gets a little jolt in my blood and warms the cockles of my heart on this bitingly cold January day. It's probably all smoke, no fire, per usual. Don't get your hopes up...but if the impossible happens, and they do sign Parra, can't say we didn't cover the possibility already.