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Angels finish 2016 strong with 8-1 victory and series win over Astros

Houston Astros v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Angels 8 Astros 1

Well, that’s all, folks. The last game of the 2016 season saw our heroes, the Los Angeles Angels, dishing out one last lopsided drubbing of an AL West opponent; specifically, the visiting Houston Astros. It was a bittersweet day, as a few Angels were given rounds of applause for their noble baseball deeds, while also serving as living reminders that yep, this is the last Angels baseball we’ll get til next Spring.

Yes, it’s true. Summer is over.

The Angels had yet another eight run game, showing us what they can do when they actually out-score their opponents, in quintessentially frustrating Angels fashion. The frustration, of course, stems from their inability to do this when they were still in the hunt, but life goes on, right?

Anyway, the Halos had two big innings in this game in which they unloaded the bulk of those eight runs. The second had a Rafael Ortega RBI single, a Carlos Perez RBI double and a sac fly from Yunel Escobar; four runs total.

In the sixth, Kole Calhoun had a double and Mike Trout had a single, and three more runs were put on the board. Add in a Jefry Marte homer, and you have yourself eight runs, and more importantly, an Angels win on the last day of the season.

Two great moments happened at the Big A today that tugged at the heart strings of all Angels fans. One was the mid-game standing ovation that Jered Weaver, the would-be starter of today’s contest, was given by the fans. 11 years as an Angel and he’s not sure what’s going to happen, but the people in attendance had a chance to let him know how we all feel. Well done, that was a beautiful moment.

Mike Trout also got a showering of love from the fans in the sixth, as he was pulled from the game after driving in a run via single. His walk to the dugout, with his 2016 stat line now settled and ready to be recognized, was bolstered by thunderous applause and a standing O from the attendees.

For the last time in this crazy, crazy year, we can see the Halo lit up outside of our cathedral to the game, our home away from home, our happy place, the Big A. It was the last we’ll hear “Drive home safely” from Victor Rojas and it’ll be the last time we get to commiserate and/or cheer for our boys in a game thread.

We’ll have more articles coming where we look back at the year, and we look to the future. Until then, thanks for stopping by after each and every game, and helping to keep this amazing, unique and powerful Halos community alive and stronger than ever.