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Mike Trout can barely hold back his emotions as he finds out he’s won his 2nd AL MVP award

Mike Trout bringing the feels

There is little left to be written when it comes to Mike Trout’s talent, and there are few exclamatory words left to describe his insane skills on the field that haven’t already been used by baseball writers and fans across the world. Following his career and writing about him on a near-daily basis, I know this first hand. Eventually, you realize you’ve almost ran out of ways to espouse his awesomeness.

Trout eventually renders us all speechless, dumbfounded and awestruck, but that’s just par for the course when you’re dealing with the best baseball player on the planet Earth. There’s another side to Trout, though, that deserves equal admiration and attention: Mike Trout the human being. This kid is humble, kind and gives everything he can to help out his community and all the young kids who look up to him.

The talent is something you see maybe once in a generation, but for someone to be that good AND that good of a person, well that’s something you only see maybe once in a millennium.

That’s why it was so touching to see Trout today, finding out that he’s won his 2nd AL MVP award, trying to hold back his emotions and take the moment in. Finally, the tables were turned. Finally, it was Trout that was speechless and awestruck.

I love watching this clip so much. Seeing Trout in utter disbelief, seemingly on the verge of tearing up, and having his family come into the live shot to show their love and support for him, really drives home just how grounded he is, detached from the ego that normally comes with such god-like athletic prowess.

Drink this in, Mike. You deserved it, for all that you’ve done on the field for your team, but also for all you’ve done for your fans, the kids, and your close-knit family. You’re truly one of a kind, and I am already counting the days til we can see you take the field again.