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Halos Heaven community projections: Huston Street

The first in a series of projections compiled by YOU, the Halos Heaven community!

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Being that spring training is coinciding with election season, it is only natural that folks are in the mood to have their voices heard. In the past, Halos Heaven would develop their own projections for the team and the whole community would chime in, generally about how they disagree with the generated numbers. So in the spirit of this election year, I thought it would be more interesting to see how the community itself would project how our players will do this year.

Using my recently-compiled composite projections for the team as a base, I will present each player in reverse order of their projected WAR and each of you will have an opportunity to predict what that player's WAR will be come the end of the season. To cast a vote, simply type your best guess into the subject line of the comment. Each player's comment section will be open for three days, giving everyone ample time to cast their vote. In the end, I will tally them up and the average predicted WAR for each player will be our community projection.

Huston Street

2015 Season:

31 62.1 1.155 8.2 2.9 0.9 0.3

2016 Composite projections:

61 8 2.7 0.2

In 2014, Jerry Dipoto paid a steep price to make Street the final piece of his division-winning puzzle. He did not disappoint, pitching to a  1.71 ERA and converting on 17 of his 19 save opportunities. It was enough to hand the closer a two-year extension during the 2015 season. Unfortunately, his numbers last year more closely resembled his run at Coors field than his dominant, more recent stretch in San Diego. This could be partially blamed on moving to a tougher league and slightly tougher ballpark, though, as we know, Angels Stadium is hardly a hitter's haven.

More likely, his decline could be blamed on a diminishing fastball, down to an average velocity of 88.4 MPH, the lowest total in his career. As we have seen with Jered Weaver, this trend is not an easily-reversible one. The good news is that Huston continues to post solid peripherals, though those numbers are hardly elite when compared to other relief aces around the game. The declines in his strikeout, walk and home run rates are very slight, though they shouldn't be ignored heading into his age-32 season.

Over the last five seasons, Huston Street has finished with WAR totals ranging from 0.5-1.5, regardless of which version of the metric you prefer. While that does not seem significant on the surface, keep in mind one extra win puts the Angels in the Wild Card game last season. Will Street bounce back and have a dominant year in the back-end of the Halo's pen, or will he continue his decline towards replacement level? Don't forget, put your predicted WAR in the subject line. You only have three days from now to vote, so go!