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MLB trade rumors: Joe Smith is the first on the trading block for the beleaguered Angels

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

We've gotten to this point of the season, where we're talking about ways to dump whatever talent the Angels have in hopes of getting something that can help in the future. Oh, and it's May 9th, by the way...MAY 9TH!!! When there isn't a lot of bright spots to point to, and the team is consistently getting embarrassed on the field to teams of varying talent levels, you get desperate; many fans have already hit me up via Twitter or Facebook to say(in all caps, typically) "blow this team up, see what we can get for any guys not signed past next season" or something of that general sentiment.

I feel you. It's rough out there for Halos fans and it doesn't seem that things are going to get any easier in the near future, especially with the oft-cited MLB worst farm system to consider. So with poor early showings, and a bevy of big time injuries, the Angels may be in trade mode sooner than you'd like for a team with such a high payroll and nothing to show for it.

First up on the 2016 Angels chopping block is the 8th inning set-up guy, and current closer by way of Huston Street injury, Joe SmithKen Rosenthal reported via video over the weekend that A) the Angels are in trouble (DUHHHHHH) and B) the guy that is most likely to be moved is reliever Smith. There are some teams in contention out there that are looking at relievers, and Smith is a decent option on a team that is on the edge of full blow Seller in the trade market. Smith is in his last year of his current deal and is currently making $5.25 million. He'd be a rental to the right buyer, and after him, nobody is safe...well, nobody NOT named Trout, Calhoun or Simmons.

If this season is already set to be a big ol' swing and a miss, then sure...let's go ahead and get to some Hot Stove talk going. If Joe Smith is the first salvo fired in a the great purging by Billy Eppler, in hopes to get some decent prospects loaded in the farm system, then so be it. I wish it could go down differently, but when the team is not only playing poorly, but also taking injury hits every few days, there's not much else to be excited about.

That is, IF they're at the point where they're going to accept the role of Seller. Are we really going there? In early May? Don't answer that.