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Angels held an improtu LOBster feast at the Big A tonight, while losing to Blue Jays 5-0

Toronto Blue Jays v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Angels 0 Blue Jays 5

The Angels lost their 84th game tonight, in front of loads of Blue Jays jerseys mixed with some Angels red here and there. Everybody held miniature Mickey Mouse statues, a gift from the stadium, and a reminder of who provides the best entertainment in Anaheim: Disney. Not the Angels.

That is, unless you’ve managed to fetishize the agony of bad baseball, then the Big A is your veritable pleasure palace. Failure all around, much to the delight of the visiting team’s invading fans. I can’t pin this really on the Angels starter, Jered Weaver, though. He’s cool, my dude.

The offense and the bullpen are the ones who didn’t give us our best shot at a satisfying baseball experience on this Friday night. Weaver continues to show some surprisingly solid skills, even if he’s getting by with the weakest or most suspect of pitches. Who cares, when you can go six innings, and give up only two runs. Those runs, by the way, didn’t even come until the fourth, when Troy Tulowitzki hit a two-run shot.

That homer was the errant blemish on an otherwise snazzy night on the mound. Most nights, when a starter holds a home run-hitting team to just a couple runs in six, then you have a good shot to win. The Angels DID have that good shot to win, at various points throughout the game. They could have feasted upon timely hitting and victorious glory, but instead they feasted on a steady LOBster diet.

13 were left on base tonight, and the Angels were a staggering 0-12 with RISP, including multiple RISP-two-out situations. When it was do or die tonight, they did the easy thing, which is just die.

Of course, reliever Andrew Bailey didn’t really help matters anyway. Actually, maybe he DID. Maybe his role was to put the game farther out of reach, that way we feel less bummed than after a narrow defeat. Yeah? No? Whatevs.

Bailey had a bad inning, giving up a sac fly to Josh Donaldson and a two-run homer to Edwin Encarnacion. The Blue Jays knocked Bailey out of the game, and took the Angels into the ninth with a 5-0 lead and a leg up on the potential series sweep.

The entertainment for fans could be found in excess, they were just probably not Angels fans. Or there were little kids who were playing with their Mickey figurine in the aisle near their dejected parents’ seats.

Loss number low can they go?