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Angels tell us all about the blue birds & the bees in 4-0 win over Toronto

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Los Angeles Angels Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 4 Blue Jays 0

Sit down, young fella, and let me tell you about the birds and the bees. Specifically, the Blue Jays and the literal swarm of bees in the Big A today that prompted a delay of the game. The Angels took both hazards in stride, both birds and bees defeated, and won the game while also splitting the four-game series.

Not a bad Sunday of baseball, really.

Like last night’s win, they had the proper proportions of offense and pitching, with a handful of Angels pitching in to help out new Halo Alex Meyer. Meyer had a WAY better time today than he did in his Big A debut a few days back, that’s for sure, and once again I’m hoping this project turns out well.

Meyer would go five innings, and in those five innings, he’d strike out seven batters. Both those innings and the Ks are career highs for the former reliever, and the even better numbers are the two measly hits he gave up in his five SCORELESS innings. This is what you want to see.

At the plate, the Halos sort of cobbled a lead together from various places, like a groundout RBI from Juan Graterol or a C.J. Cron sac fly. Rafael Ortega and Albert Pujols also had one RBI single each, with the Angels getting 10 hits overall. Everybody wanted a piece of Toronto pitching, and mostly everybody got one.

Two games in a row, and splitting a four-gamer. That’s nice. It’s still just going through the motions of the home stretch of a bad season, but if you must watch the Angels because you love them so dearly ( if you’re here, this is probably you), then might as well revel in these fun ones.

The Angels are still fighting, not giving up even though the fight is futile. But they will stand their ground and peddle hope for future seasons, and I’ll happily slurp it up. As Rally Manatee said recently, “Angels suck. GO ANGELS!”