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Carlos Gomez is a gaslighting bully in Angels’ 5-4 loss to Rangers

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Texas Rangers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Angels 4 Rangers 5

Well, that sure was a rowdy, turnt up, testosterone-filled, back-and-forth grudge match. There was good baseball being played, but let’s get real...the drama was where it was at tonight.

Most of this game’s bad blood and heated emotions centered around, of all people, Andrelton Simmons. At one point in the game, the Rangers threw way behind him, in some sort of misguided retaliation. By “behind”, I mean practically at his neck, and it was going 97mph.

Why would innocent Simba get targeted like that? Well, that’s really the part that doesn’t make too much sense.

Carlos Gomez apparently hates Simmons, because when he was called out on a play at 2nd, from Simba’s tag, he had many, many testy words for our studly shortstop. Now, we can even dig a little deeper and remember that Simba actually found himself on the wrong end of a lowered shoulder from Carlos Gomez earlier in the season.

This is all convoluted and i’m probably recounting it like a breathlessly excited high schooler, but the basic gist seems to be Gomez is a bully, initiates contact with Simmons at various points, then gets mad as hell at Simba. It’s sort of like walking up to someone on the street, punching them in the face and then yelling “You hurt my hand, bro! WTF?!?! Now you’re gonna get it!”.

So Andrelton Simmons gets thrown at, benches are warned, Scioscia is LIVID, talking mad ish to the Rangers for the rest of the game, including yelling his lungs out at the 3rd base coach Spike Owen. The man was ALIVE, I tell you! He was seeing red, but he was ALIVE! Eventually, Brett Oberholtzer beaned Elvis Andrus and got immediately tossed, and because benches had been warned, Sosh got tossed, too.

Drama abounds, my friends. All because of a slide, not to mention their history. But again, keep this in mind that Carlos Gomez started all of this crap and seems to get indignant when called out on his bully behavior.

But hey! This game was entertaining! Drama!!!!! Oh, and they also played baseball. Angels lost 5-4, all of those runs coming off of newbie Halos hurler Daniel Wright. He went 4.2 innings, gave up nine hits, leading to those five runs. Not much to say about the Angels side; Yunel Escobar had a nice 3-5 game...ummmm...yeah.

A heated game against the Rangers in September. Now if only the Angels were still in the damn thing, and not dwelling in the cellar of the AL West. Still...this one got the blood pumping, most importantly the blood of Mike Scioscia. Gotta say, I loved seeing the big man looking like he was going to go all Tony Soprano on the Rangers’ dugout.

Tonight, they turn the page. But they’ll turn it angrily.