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Halos Heaven Spring Training Guide: Camelback Ranch

In this segment we take a look at the home of our northern rivals and the south siders of Chicago, Glendale's Camelback Ranch.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The first of the new wave of construction, Camelback Ranch is a large facility that houses both the Dodgers and the White Sox.  The facility boasts practice fields for each organization, club houses for each organization, and practice fields built to the same dimensions as each clubs home park.

Essential Links:

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Stadium Map

Back Fields:

The back fields at this complex are immense and divided by a creek.  The fields to the west of the creek are the White Sox practice fields while those to the east are Dodgers territory.  The best way to access the fields is to park in the lot directly off Camelback Road and follow the dirt path towards the stadium.

Where To Sit:

If you want shade, find a seat between the bases and near the top of the section.  There is also shaded seating available in the second deck behind home plate.  If you want to splurge, you can get a suite.  One interesting spot is the All You Can Eat area located in right field, near the Dodgers bullpen.  You can sometimes strike up a conversation with a reliever between hot dogs.  Tickets can be scarce for Dodger weekend games, but weekdays and White Sox games will have plenty of seats.

Pro Tip:

The back fields at Camelback Ranch are probably my favorite.  When the Dodgers play a home game, the White Sox players take batting practice on the back fields and walk right by you on the way to their bus and vice a versa when the Sox play at home.  I can spend an hour or more on the back fields.  If you are feeling thrifty, there is a minor league game on the back fields each day.  You can catch it for free and bring in your own water and food.

Raging Debate:

Being home to both the Dodgers and White Sox, there are two hot dogs available: the West Coast icon Dodger Dogand the Chicago Style dog of its namesake.  The best part is both are available during Dodger games (I haven't been to a Sox game there).  I tend to go Chicago Style but it is a decision I start pondering the morning of the game.

After The Game:

If you are in the area after the game, the Westgate entertainment center is few miles to the north.  It has dozens of eateries, plenty of shopping, and a movie theater.

My Two Cents:

I absolutely love this facility, primarily for the back fields.  I can't count how many players have walked within arms of reach of me over the years.The stadium itself is a little too big to have the cozy, Spring Training feel, though, and the grass berm is angled a little too steeply for comfort so I highly recommend seats.

None of the security concerns about Dodger Stadium in LA are present here, at least not that I've seen.  These are true baseball fans enjoying some sun and some baseball.  I highly recommend a day here.

Your Two Cents:

What did I miss?  How have your experiences been?  Are there any differences for White Sox games?  Please let us know and build a reference for our Halos Heaven community.