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Halos Heaven Spring Training Guide: Goodyear Ballpark

Another of the newer stadiums in the Cactus League, the ballpark in Goodyear plays host to the two Ohio teams.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Just about far enough west to see the California border lies the town of Goodyear and back in 2009 the Goodyear Ballpark opened.  At a cost of $108 million, the stadium promised to be, and is, one of the nicer facilities in the Cactus League.  The ballpark is the Spring Training home to the Indians and Reds and draws many snowbirds from the Rust Belt each year.

Essential Links:

Stadium Map

Reds Tickets

Indians Tickets

Where To Sit;

The party pavilion beyond the right field wall.  Full bar, attractive servers, food, and a decent view of the game.  If you have a driver and want to get a little loose, this is a great place.  Other than that, the field box seats past the dugouts offer great autograph and foul ball possibilities.

Back Fields:

The back fields are located about a quarter of a mile away down S Wood Road and stretch further away from the stadium from there.  It is a long walk that I honestly haven't made.

Pro Tip:

The Philly Cheesesteak here is incredible.  A vendor from the East Coast flies out and makes them.  The line can get long, but they are worth it.

After The Game:

There's nothing near the ballpark.  In fact, you can see desert on three of the four sides of the park.

My Two Cents:

This is a park I greatly enjoy once I talk myself into heading all the way out to Goodyear.  Day games are rarely full although that could change a bit with Cleveland's recent success.  Be cognizant of downtown traffic building up after a day game on your way back to metro Phoenix.  The traffic can be missed by going on a weekend or night game.

Your Two Cents:

What did I miss?  Are there any good things to do in Goodyear?  Let us know.