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Halos Heaven Spring Training Guide: Maryvale Baseball Park

Home to the Milwaukee Brewers, this little gem offers a classic Spring Training feel and some great bratwurst.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Maryvale Baseball Park got a bit of a face lift a few years ago and has hosted the Brewers since 1998.  The 7000 person seating capacity makes it the smallest stadium in the Cactus League, but the small size and covered seating make this a great Spring Training venue.

Essential Links:

Stadium Map

Brewers Tickets

Where To Sit:

Anywhere.  This stadium has shade over most of the seating.  Seating closer to the grass won't have shade but will present autograph opportunities more often than not.  A great bang for the buck are the field box seats up about a dozen rows or so; plenty of shade and a great view.

Back Fields:

The back fields are arranged like a four leaf clover and very easy to find.  Go either ticket window, look south, and walk over to them.  The big league club will work on the furthest away field and walk right by you on their way into the stadium.

Pro Tip:

They fly the brats out from Wisconsin and this park features pretty low concession prices.  Also, they make fresh kettle corn right behind home plate and it is hard to walk by there without getting a free sample.  Warning, the free sample often leads to a purchase.

Bonus Tip:

The park features a great autograph area beyond the right field foul pole.  The walkway Brewers players take to their clubhouse is set apart from the grass berm with a fence a baseball can easily pass through. This is a great spot for a little one to get keepsake.

After The Game:

I wouldn't advise hanging out in this area after the game.  It is a bit of a rough neighborhood and there's nothing within walking distance I would recommend.  If you are feeling brave, check out the Purple Turtle.  The crowd looks a little rough but the bar food is decent and the drinks are cheap.

My Two Cents:

I absolutely love this ballpark.  It is never sold out, the seats have shade, the fans are incredibly nice, it is just great.  In fact, I kind of don't like talking about it because I don't want to ruin the mellow, intimate experience by attracting a crowd.

If you want to relax and enjoy a game, you can't do much better than Maryvale.

Your Two Cents:

What did I miss?  Am I being too rough on the neighborhood?  Any stories or tips?