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Halos Heaven Spring Training Guide: Surprise Stadium

The home of the Kansas City Royals and Texas Rangers sits out in the suburb of Surprise and has a carousel in left field.

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Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Opened in the incredible year of 2002Surprise Stadium sits about 45 minutes from downtown Phoenix and hosts the squads from KC and Arlington each year.  A family friendly feature is the carousel located down the left field line.   It also happens to have an incredibly high TripAdvisor rating.

Where To Sit:

Club level seats offer a great view of the entire ballpark and shade, although it feels odd to go club level to a Spring Training game.  Depending on the heat and your budget, though, the typical infield seats get you close to the action without putting a huge dent in your wallet.

Back Fields:

The back field area is huge and sits to the west of both the stadium and the main parking lot.  There is a clear pathway from the parking lot to the northern group of fields.  Or you can walk past the stadium and to the west to get to another group of fields.

Pro Tip:

The kid friendliness is the coolest thing about this place.  The carousel is on a patio with plenty of room and some other kid activities.  The youngsters might get antsy on the drive out to Surprise, but they'll love it once you're there.  A nice family day would be lawn tickets, some carousel, and some ice cream.

After The Game:

Surprise Lake is a stone's throw away from the stadium and there are a few eating establishments if you head a little further west.  Surprise is definitely a suburb and the shopping nearby is of the Home Depot and Target variety.

My Two Cents:

I've only been here once but enjoyed myself.  I was disappointed that a stadium featuring both KC and Texas didn't have an amazing BBQ vendor, but that might have changed in the last two years.  If I lived in west Phoenix and had a young kid, this would be an ideal spot.

Your Two Cents:

What did I miss?  Is there more to Surprise than I know?  Any fun stories?  Let us know.