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The (almost last minute) holiday gift guide for that crazed Angels fan in your life

The holiday season is in full swing, and if you still need to get a present for someone in your life that also happens to be a hardcore Halos fan, then we’ve got you covered.

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The holiday season is in full swing, and has been for some time now, which means we’re all knee-deep in novelty songs, red&green decorations everywhere, menorahs galore, neighborhood light shows, and everything else that makes December both a feast and an assault on our senses. We’re about halfway through the month, which means you will have less and less time to get that special someone, be it family member, friend, co-worker, etc., an amazing gift that blows their mind.

Although, if you are really the type that yearns to blow minds with the presents you give, then you most likely already have something wrapped and ready for delivery. If you’re like me, you’ve bought maybe one or two things but will still need to get the bulk of your gift buying done over the next few days.

I can’t help with everybody on your “Nice” list, but if you have an Angels fan in your life that made the cut and will be receiving something from you this holiday season, then I’ve got you covered. With the help of some staff, I’ve put together a little list of Angels-related items that SHOULD put a smile on any Halos fan’s face. These all range from cheap to not-cheap-at-all-but-not-ridiculously-expensive, and they’re things that you should be able to order and have on the lucky recipients’ doorstep well before the end of December.

OK, slacker are some gift ideas that you can give to Angels fans and come away with them admiring you as much as they do Billy Eppler (ok, so maybe that’s just too unrealistic, but at the very least, they’ll be extremely appreciative).

Albert Pujols 600 Home Runs limited edition bobblehead by Forever Collectibles

Price: $40

Bobbleheads are pretty cool. What baseball fan doesn’t love bobbleheads? That type of fan doesn’t exist, I tell you! Not all bobbles are created equal, however, and there’s no better example of that than this sweet, limited-edition Pujols bobblehead from Forever Collectibles. There were just a little over 200 of these bad boys made, and a lot of detail and care went into each and every one of them.

Albert Pujols may have had a rough 2017, but it was still fun watching him make history as he climbed up the all-time HR leaderboard, especially when it was #600. This bobblehead commemorates that feat by having Pujols in front of the number #600, doing his point-at-the-sky celebration, and having a little plaque on the bottom right congratulating him on his 600th dinger, as well.

On top of the extremely-high quality craftsmanship and the amazing little details they’ve packed into this thing, there’s also a cool little counter next to his name, so you can make sure to update his career HR total throughout next season whenever he parks another ball into the bleachers. And again, these things are limited edition, each one signed/numbered on the bottom. I dig bobbleheads, and I REALLY dig this bobblehead.

Handmade Angels candles

Price: $12

These can be found on Etsy, and I think they’re pretty cool! If someone you know ever needs to power up your mojo ritual and give the Halos some good luck or start a rally, I think lighting these candles would work like a charm. I like things that you don’t really see anywhere else, and these Angels candles are a great example, as they’re sure to get lots of compliments from any other Angels-crazed people that happen to stop by their pad.

Angels rally thong

Price: $10.99

Another one from Etsy. This is strictly for Designerguy, one of our most loved community members here at Halos Heaven. He’s also our biggest proponent of the rally thong. Well, now you can share the magic of the rally thong with the Halos fan in your life. Lucky you! Lucky them!

Zepp Labs Baseball-Softball v.2

Price: $149.00

We’ve written about Zepp’s baseball sensor a couple times here at Halos Heaven, mainly because Mike Trout loves these things (so much so that he partnered with them to create the world’s first ever Smart Bat). More than just something Trout is endorsing, though, the Zepp Baseball-Softball sensor v2.0 is a really cool and useful piece of baseball equipment. They’ve already permeated the youth baseball market, and very soon you’re going to see these things used in collegiate level games and even some MLB spring training games!

You pop this doodad on to the end of any bat you’d like, pair it with your phone, and boom; you’ve got instant feedback on your swing, with visualized data and analytical info galore. You’ll even get tips and tutorials on how to refine or change up your swing, if you’d like. Our very own Jessica DeLine, who is as hardcore of a softball player as they come, has one of these and if you ask her, I’m sure she’ll tell you herself that it’s a really good training/practice tool for people of all ages and skill levels.

Women’s Angels flannel pants

Price: $39.99

Suggested by our very own Jessica DeLine, you have to admit that those pants look awfully cozy...and Angels-y. These officially licensed flannel pajama pants are sure to be a hit with any female fan you may know, especially if the only thing they love as much as the Angels is being comfortable.

Women’s Angels Dooney & Bourke continental clutch purse

Price: $128.00

Another suggestion from JDL, and I have to admit, this is indeed a unique Angels gift! You can’t tell me that seeing a woman out and about with one of these as her purse wouldn’t make you do a double or triple take. It’s fashionable enough, and functional enough, and it’s got team spirit to spare. That’s a combo I can fully support and encourage.

Women's Los Angeles Angels Fanatics Branded Heather Gray MLB Star Wars Join The Alliance Tri-Blend Hoodie

Price: $69.99

One more from Jessica, and it’s another perfect choice. Angels...Star Wars...both on a ultra-comfy hoodie. Most female fans aren’t going to need to know any more to be completely sold on this one, so don’t think about it. Just get it for them. Or, get it for Jessica, since she could just be putting out massive hints for all of us as to what she expects to get in the mail from her devoted readers here at HH. Well played, JDL. Well played.

California Angels Bo Jackson throwback jersey

Price: $69.00

I found this on eBay and thought “Yeah, why not?” because really who doesn’t want/need a retro, California Angels Bo Jackson jersey? It’s an XL, though. That’s the only catch.

Vintage, authentic California Angels Jim Abbott jersey

Price: $100.00

Another eBay find, but this is a bit of a step up in coolness factor from the previously mentioned Bo Jackson jersey. This is an authentic late-80s Halos jersey, and you’d be reppin’ the legendary Jim Abbott. Costs a hundo, but really, that’s kind of a steal if you ask me.

Shohei Ohtani/Angels Majestic official player t-shirt

Price: $30.00

If you’re looking for a no-doubter home run of a holiday present for your Angels fan, then this is definitely one way to go. They are most likely stoked about the Ohtani signing, and they’ll most likely have their mind blown when opening up a present containing their very own Ohtani shirt. You’ll have to do two-day or next day shipping to get this one out in time for Xmas, FYI, otherwise you’re all set to score big points with this shirt.

Sho Knows shirt from Halos Heaven & BreakingT

Price: $25.00

Ok, speaking of awesome shirts. I’d be remiss if I mentioned that Ohtani shirsey up above and yet forgot to mention this brand spankin’ new collaboration from Halos Heaven and BreakingT. Sho Knows hitting. Sho Knows pitching. Sho Knows baseball, duh! Show everybody that you know that Sho Knows by showing off this shirt! I’ve been meaning to officially announce this one via post here at Halos Heaven, but in the meantime, get one for the holidays...for yourself and for any Angels fan you know. Do it!

Oh, and speaking of BreakingT, they’re having a special holiday sale this weekend, Friday-Monday, where you can save 15% off of all baseball t-shirt orders by using the code BASEBALL15. That includes this beautiful Sho Knows shirt, as well as the classic Team of Destiny tee or any other MLB-related shirt they’ve got. Plus, I believe you get free shipping on all orders over $50. This is a good weekend to get some Halos Heaven shirts from BreakingT, obvs.

Angel Stadium blueprint poster from Ballpark Blueprints LTD.

Price: $60.00+

Darren Hester

Ballpark Blueprints LTD is an old stand by here at Halos Heaven, as we’ve mentioned their neat blueprints in articles before. That’s because they’re pretty dang neat, and it’d be hard for a Halos honk to not be excited after receiving one of these unique pieces of schematic art. The basic one is 60 bucks, but you can get all sorts of different options or types of print, but it’s going to cost you a bit more moolah, of course. Use code HALOSHEAVEN if you order between now and Christmas Eve to receive 10% off...not too bad, eh?

If you’ve got an idea that you think fans need to know about, let’s hear about it! Share it with the rest of us, and help us look like holiday gift-giving heroes for those crazed Angels fans we all know and love.